Who are NEET young people?

A NEET or NEET young person is someone who is Not in Education, Employment or Training.

There are many reasons why a young person aged 16-19 can become NEET.

For example:

  • They may have enrolled onto a course at a school sixth form or FE college but left before completing the full study programme.
  • They may have left a job and are seeking to find another one on their own rather than participating in the Work Programme run by Job Centre Plus.
  • They may be travelling.

This is a high-priority group. Warwickshire County Council and a range of education provider’s work with young people who are NEET to try to re-engage them. They are a potential recruitment pool for businesses.

In March 2015, the DfE published the 2014/15 annual NEET data by local authority. In Warwickshire the proportion of young people who are NEET is an estimated 920 young people, which is 5.1 % of the 16-19 cohort.

The figures vary by district/borough with the highest proportion in Nuneaton & Bedworth at 7.5%, and the lowest proportion in Stratford upon Avon  at 3.5%. The national figure is 4.7%.