Jobs, Employment and the Economy

This information  highlights  job and employer recruitment trends in the county to help you advise young people on their GCSE and ‘A’ level subject choices and inform them of potential employment and apprenticeship opportunities.

The information has been produced by the WCC economic growth team. It supplements Job Centre Plus reports because it is more current, split by borough/district, includes  skills required by employers in advertisements, and shows the employers recently recruiting in the county.

Click on the relevant link below to download the powerpoint presentation for that borough or district.

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Information sources:

TBR: TBR Observatory; licensed data collated using TBR’s internal business database (Trends Central Resource). Counts all businesses regardless of VAT/PAYE tax eligibility such as sole traders. Niche sectors included in data provided by TBR Observatory to reflect key emerging sectors in Warwickshire not captured explicitly by SIC code e.g. Advanced Engineering, IT & Digital Media and Tourism. Note that 2014/H1 means the first half of 2014 (Jan-June). For more information:

Labour Insight: largest single source of real-time Labour Market information available in the UK; provided by Active Informatics Ltd (licensed only). Job postings collected from more than 20,000 sources to identify specific employer and skill demand across Warwickshire and its neighbours. Figures presented refer to job advertisements over the last 12 months for reliability purposes (i.e. 2014/15) unless specified otherwise. For more information:

SFA: Skills Funding Agency, sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. Provides public data on apprenticeships, qualifications, learning and training at national and local level. Apprenticeship data presented is taken from the latest academic year available. For more information:

LEFM: Local Economy Forecasting Model licensed from Cambridge Econometrics/IER. Provides forecast data on local employment and GVA from 1981-2025, with 2015-25 taken for this analysis to capture Warwickshire’s future outlook.

Note that the productivity definition presented equates to “GVA/employment”.  For more information: